To whom the course is aimed?

This course is aimed for students between the ages of 10 to 15 (equivalent to Class Five to Class Eight).  

What skills will you gain from the course?

  • To complete the basic levels in all four skills of the Arabic language: listening, speaking, reading, writing

  • To be able to understand the general meaning of the Quran and Hadith and translate them easily 

  • To read and understand any basic classical or modern Arabic book or passage without diacritics (harakat).

  • Special practices on Standard Arabic speaking.

  • Special practices on freehand Arabic writing.

Class System  

Online classes, conducted live through Zoom application. Every student must be present during the classes. Classes are recorded only for internal review purposes, and no class record will be provided to any student unless someone had an absolute emergency and took a leave of absence beforehand.

Course materials

The materials used in instruction are uniquely and specifically designed and organised for this course. The materials include our own research-based book, lecture sheets, and excerpts of original texts.  Students are prohibited from sharing the materials with anyone outside Sibawayh. 

Course Fees 

Tk. 6,000. 

You may pay the whole amount up front, or pay in 2 (two) installments. If  you opt for 2-installments, you need to pay at least Tk. 3,500  as first installment at admission time

Upcoming Batch

OJ-02, Evening 6:45 PM-8:15 PM, Friday, Monday, Wednesday. In Ramadan Class will be held at 2:45 PM-4:15 PM

Course Features

  • Duration : 5 Months
  • Lectures : Total 60 Classes
  • Time : 3 Days/Week, 2 Hours Per Class
  • Exam : Assessments and exams are held after every 12/14 classes (total of 6 exams covering all 4 language skills).
  • Certificate : Students achieving a minimum of 60% in all exams will be provided a certificate.
Course Fee:

TK 6000

0% off for student


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