To whom the course is aimed?

  • This course is aimed for boys and girls from age 6 to 10 (equivalent up to Class Five).

  • No prior knowledge of Arabic/Quran reading is required. 

What skills will you gain from the course?

  • To be able to complete the Qa‘ida and start reading the Holy Qur‘an with correct pronunciation and practical Tajweed.

  • To know the basic (applied) rules of Tajweed.

  • To learn some masnun Zikr and Du’as, and practical Fiqhi Masail about Purification (taharat) and Prayer (salah).

Class System  

Online classes, conducted live through Zoom application. Every student must be present during the classes. Classes are recorded only for internal review purposes, and no class record will be provided to any student unless someone had an absolute emergency and took a leave of absence beforehand. 

Upcoming Batch

OK-02, Afernoon, 2:30-3:30 PM, Friday, Monday, Wednesday

Course materials

Own collected material, specifically designed and organised for this course. 

Course Fees

  • Admission Fee: Tk. 3,000. 

  • Monthly Fee: From the second month, there is a monthly charge of Tk. 1500. 

Course Features

  • Duration : 7 Months
  • Lectures : Total 84 Classes
  • Time : 3 Days/Week, 1.5 Hours Per Class
Course Fee:

TK 3000

0% off for student


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